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A great opportunity to talk about the new ENVE 4.5 SES SMART system here. In summary, deeper, stiffer but similarly profiled to the 3.4s. Shallower, lighter and less stiff than the similarly profiled 6.7 and 8.9 systems. It was always quite a big jump from the 3.4 to the 6.7. It makes you wonder why ENVE didn’t make the option sooner. 50mm (ish) has been a favourite depth for carbon for some time and ENVE just skipped over it. The idea being that the 3.4s were so much more aero than other rims in that depth that you could have a shallower, lighter, more agile pair that was less affected by cross winds. The overall difference is a humble 36g over the 3.4 so you can see ENVE have worked hard to keep that weight low. Although with carbon, adding depths always seems to add surprisingly little weight. The 36g is in the rims, given that you have also lost a bit of length in the spokes, the set weight is remarkably similar. The Tune set built up here for reference was 798g for the rear and 656g for the front, so 1454g/pair. Could this be the new favourite? Well with 2 sets here already and a third due to be built this week, they are certainly popular. However for those of you who like riding out in exposed, blustery conditions, the appeal of the 3.4’s increased stability is likely to still be a major draw.

In other news, you can see quite clearly the Yellow Jersey and Green Jersey rims here, looking like splendid value when built up with DCR hubs. £660 and £680 respectively for road and road disc with black CX-Rays.