DT Swiss have been in the business of making rims for years. They make a big range and I offer the full range. However, as far as I am concerned, they are falling a little behind the times with some of their products. I like my MTB rims to be wide and stiff and tubeless compatible.

As far as I am concerned their carbon rims are a bit dated, the XMC is the most advanced but I would either go with a DCR rim or something really high end that is lighter and wider. The XR-331 is an interesting rim for being so light, but it is still a little narrow in my opinion. A lot of XC rims are still narrow to keep weight down but I do not like the light bulb effect and a squirmy tyre.

XM-401 – £65 – 28/32h

Available in 28 and 32h which is a nice feature. Light and wide too and can be setup tubeless easily. You have to use DT nipples with it though which seems a little unnecessary to me.

M442 – £40 – 28/32h

For the money I think this is one of the best rims you can buy. It is light and stiff and strong and tubeless compatible. An internal width of 22.5mm is great. A great AM/trail rim in my opinion.

E-512 – £35 – 28/32

Another great rim from DT here. Wide and stiff and strong. A little heavy again but I don’t think it is fair to complain given the price and versatility.

E-533 – £20 – 28/32h

A little on the heavy side but nice and strong and good and cheap. This is a great option for an entry build with prices for a set starting at around £200/pair.