H Plus Son TB14, 700c, 28/32/36h

Available in 3 finishes:

  • Polished silver
  • Black
  • Hard anodised grey

TB14 rim classic rim
H Plus Son say:

TB14 was inspired by the classic aesthetics of rims from the era when steel frames ruled competitive cycling and benefits from contemporary improvements in rim manufacture and profile design. We have always admired the look of the classic box section rim. From sourcing double eyelets to crafting new molds for the valve badge and its hardware, we dedicated neurotic attention and careful detail to every aspect of this rim.

The pairing of a 23mm wide profile with a 23mm tire is fast becoming the industry standard for competitive road cycling. The wider rim adds stiffness and gives a profile that resembles a tubular tire. The advantage of this rim/tire profile can be felt immediately when taking corners as the tire is no longer shaped like a light bulb, flopping over with high loads.

The TB14 is made with the stiffer and stronger G609 aluminum alloy and features our unique and invisible welded joint. Rims are anodized after machining.

DCR says:
H Plus Son TB14 black
I cannot fault the quality of manufacture or the finish on this rim. H Plus Son are a relatively new and fairly misunderstood company. This rim should be interpreted as a comfortable, classic looking, durable and strong rim. It uses H Plus Son’s G609 alloy, which is one of the better alloy upgrades out there, offer 30% strength improvements with no downside bar price. The price is right for a rim made to this standard with a high end material and a welded joint. At 490g it is a little heavy but that weight has gone into making this a surprisingly stiff rim which will last well.

H Plus Son were ahead of the game when they developed this rim. The Industry is very much moving towards 23mm rims and with good reason. Wider rims are stiffer in the right way. They prevent brake rub and flex without sacrificing comfort.

I get a lot of queries for high polished silver rims. This is one of the only ones that meets the standard. Yet the polish appears itself to have a hardness to it. It is less prone to scratching than you may expect.