Velocity Major Tom, Tubular, 24/28/32h, £47

Velocity say:

The Major Tom brings together everything you have been looking for when taking that next step in the cyclocross circuit. Blending qualities from our popular A23 clincher and Escape tubular rims, the 23mm wide Major Tom provides improved traction for unparalleled ground control. Designed with an 11mm braking surface for precise handling and braking, along with our seam relief channel which allows for consistent and reliable tubular tire installation. Now take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

DCR Wheels says:

The Major Tom will not offer ground breaking weight because it is not designed for that. Nevertheless 432g is good for a tubular rim that is 23mm wide. Running a rim 2mm wider than a standard version will allow for a wider tubular. The mid section profile will also improve stiffeness over a conventional flat box section tubular. The larger braking surface will also be particularly useful on cyclocross circuits. It is unlikely to offer the same strength as the Ambrosio Nemesis, it will certainly be stronger than the Ambrosio Crono.