DCR Gravel / XC Wheelset

The DCR Gravel / XC Wheelset sets a new standard for disc brake wheelsets. Available in 20mm or 25mm internal widths, the Gravel / XC Wheelset offers good tyre profiles and the strength to overcome hard riding. 

Prices from £460. Just like any wheelset from DCR Wheels, you can customise hub colour as well as drilling, freehub body and axle length. We endeavour to keep all black versions of this wheelset in stock at all times, which you can purchase directly using the link below. Should we run out of stock at any point we will write to you as soon as possible to advise. We have all the parts in stock to build this wheelset. By using the link below, you will be entered into our build queue. If you require the wheels urgently, please enquire about lead times or select a wheelset that is built and ready for dispatch.

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Light, Strong Rims With 20mm or 25mm Internal Widths

The DCR Standard Disc (20mm) and the XC/AM alloy (25mm) rims offer excellent tyre profiles covering a range from 25c – 50c. They both have a welded joint, an extra tough spoke bed, competitive weight and nice matt finish owing to a shot blasting and anodising treatment (anodised internally and externally), they have a rider weight limit of 120kg and a spoke bed that has been tested to 300kgf. The profile is disc specific to reduce weight.  The shape of the 20mm rim is a modern aero rounded profile, the 25mm rim tapers to a smooth point. There is a bead locking system and 1.2mm hook for compatible with all road tubeless and tubeless ready road tyres. A deeper central channel ensures easier installation and removal of tyres.

The Standard Disc (20mm) rim suits tyres from 25c-38c which makes it the sound choice for cyclocross riders or gravel riders with limited tyre clearance. The XC/AM (25mm) rim will suit tyres from 25c-50c which makes it the sound choice for most gravel bikes or mountain bikes with limited tyre clearance.

Spokes And Nipples

The Sapim CX-Ray spoke is the obvious choice to weight keep weight down, improve ride quality and retain a high level of lateral stiffness. Using Sapim’s alloy nipples and our nipple/spoke prep means that even in all year round use alloy nipples are still a sound choice. We provide a lifetime warranty on the build/spokes on this basis. Changing your hub colour or the spoke count to can be done without any additional charge. International delivery is possible but will incur an additional charge.

The CX-Ray upgrade is a lovely upgrade to have.  Critically they are highly durable and a lot more stable than round spokes.  This comes from a combination of the spoke gaining strength through the flattening process, additionally the spoke being flat allows it to be adjusted with far greater precision.  A round spoke will twist when you turn the nipple, which the builder must take into account. An aero spoke can be held steady allowing for much smaller adjustments.  Spoke twist is a problem which persists particularly badly in the Laser spoke (light gauge, round) and can cause difficulty during servicing in later life.  Where the Sapim CX-Ray is immune to spoke twist, you can service it for a far longer. 

As before the set comes with our own brand hubs with their weather treated bearings for high performance and excellent longevity/serviceability. 6 bolt IS Boost hubs are also available for this wheelset but do incur an additional charge.

Available Specifications:

All options available with any freehub. Choose from the three options below, each is customisable in terms of freehub and axle choice, as well as the option of a tubeless setup if you want them to arrive ready to ride.