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When I first started building wheels commercially I found myself answering the same questions regularly. This led me to write a number of articles on the subject of wheel building, these can reassure people or educated people about my methods for building certain wheels. The list of articles grew to a reasonable number and after a point I realised were approaching the length of a book.

The original version of this book was as such called ‘Bicycle Wheel Building: An Anthology of Articles’. After working on this version for some time I realised the book would be improved if the articles complemented each other and flowed together as a progressive volume. Most literature on wheel building focuses purely on building the wheels. Little attention is given to the finer details of the component parts. A wheel can only be good if it is built well. However, poor product selection could land you with an inappropriate set of wheels which may be incompatible with your bicycle, it could cause the wheels failure. Or it could simply cost more than necessary or the performance could be lower than necessary. This book attempts to guide product selection as much as possible and understand what goes into making a great wheel.

Wheels are absolutely fundamental to a bicycle, they have one of the greatest impacts on the way that a bicycle feels when you ride it, or what that bicycle is capable of doing. A trials or downhill rider would fail immediately if their wheels were weak. A trekking cyclist has to have reliability. A time trialist has to have aero-dynamics and a hill climber has to save weight. Understanding function is essential.

The majority of riders demand much less performance from their wheels than professionals, yet their wheel choice is still important. They need to work out what they are using the wheels for, how much they are looking to spend and where that money will be best spent.

Most importantly when it comes to product selection – be critical. Much of what you are told will be an attempt to sell products and most opinions are poorly researched. If you want quality, performance and value for money, you need to be critical. That includes criticism of what you are about to read. If you go away after having read this book with criticisms of my opinions I would consider my work to be a success. This is not a book of answers but a way of encouraging you to be more rigorous with your decisions and an attempt to objectify product selection. This combined with good building practice should help you repair wheels well, build them well and select the right set for you even if someone else builds them for you.



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