Velocity Synergy, 700c, 32h, black, £64

Velocity say:

The synergy is now available in most sizes. At 23mm wide, with eyelets and a low profile, it’s the perfect rim for all those times you want to use a little wider tire. Use it for your 29’er or your commuter. The possibilities are endless.

– 496g
– Machined sidewall

DCR Says:

Interestingly this 23mm wide rim is not considered a road racing rim by Velocity. However, assuming consistency of advice, you can run this with a 23c tyre. As with the A23, 23c is perhaps a little narrow, however 25c+ makes this a versatile rim. It puts the rim in the similar bracket to the popular Exal LX17 and Rigida Snyper which are aimed at the touring market.

At 496g this would be considered a light weight touring rim, although it is doubtlessly up to the task. If you are looking to run particularly wide tyres, something with a 19mm internal like the Rigida Sputnik or Grizzly or one of DT Swiss’ TK range rims would be recommended. However if you are looking to run up to 37c or so, this rim is a versatile alternative. Good if you like swapping around different sorts of tyres.

This rim also has the option of off centre drilling which is excellent for maintaining spoke tension balance. It will help with strength, stiffness and longevity. Off centre drilling is currently only available as special import.