Available in 25, 42 and 58mm, UD and 3k weave in gloss or matte finish.  2 widths and also disc and rim brake versions.  £655-708

Please note, Xentis rims are not available for public sale and can only be purchased here as part of a wheelset built by DCR Wheels.xentis braking

Xentis remove resin from their braking surface as well as a unique layup style which helps to improve the overall quality of braking. They also have fibres of aluminium woven into the fabric, which not only adds a different structural benefit but acts like a heat sink, drawing the temperature around the rim helping to cool it down.

Xentis use a design which they call an active turbulator.  This has a number of benefits.  It disturbs the air in such a way to allow it to pass better over the tyre, the fast cool air passing over the braking surface also has a number of other benefits, it helps to keep the rims cool and it also helps to keep them dry to help braking performance and modulation.  New, wider designs of rims are now available in 42 and 58mm depths.  Prices are as follows:

25mm deep tubular  (21mm wide) – £655, 258g (narroXentis UD Gloss 42 Clincher Rims lightweight carbon wheelsw only)
25mm deep clincher – £655, 355g
42mm deep tubular – £678, 340g (narrow [21] or wide [24.6])
42mm deep clincher – £678, 428g
58mm deep tubular  – £708, TBC (narrow or wide)
58mm deep clincher – £708, 460g
Disc tubulars and clinchers are £638, £661 and £690 respectively.

Other Features:

All of the Xentis profiles are available in a disc brake format.  They all have RFID identification chips in them which have detailed information about their manufacturer.  The OEM Xentis rims available through DCR Wheels come completely free from decals, they just a have a few identification marks near the valve hole.  Valve holes are moulded in layup and then cleaned out after production.  A very high temperature resin is used to keep braking safe.  Xentis riXentis 3K Matt 42mm 58mm Clincher Rims lightest carbon wheelsms can be used with any carbon suitable brake pad but for the best results use Swissstop Black Prince.  They have a rubber bumper at the valve to stop your valve from vibrating and the 42 and 58mm versions have a magnet inside the rim for use with speed measuring devices.  The braking surface is a raw woven carbon finish which is similar to 3k but is not a cosmetic finish.  The tubular tyre bed is also woven to protect against the removal of fibres when the tyre is removed.  All rims use internal nipples.  Xentis coat their rims to resist ultra violet radiation.


Why choose Xentis?

Generally people who are interested in Xentis rims are interested in getting a very light Xentis 3K glossset of carbon clinchers that work well in all terrains and in all conditions. WR make slightly lighter, slightly cheaper tubulars, Zipp and ENVE make more aerodynamic versions, although aerodynamic performance does depend on a number of factors so I would prefer to append that comment with a proviso that it is based on ENVE and Zipp’s wind tunnel data which may not be representative. So, if you want a light, functional set of carbon hoops, Xentis make an excellent choice, especially if you want the option of customising the finish on them.  Xentis rims also have very high density carbon fibre, that makes them not only very tough but exceptionally durable.  So although you will find a Xentis set a very high performance choice, it will also offer a very utilitarian option as well.  They are a great choice for those looking for a performance advantage when climbing, a tough choice over mixed terrain and a durable option for high mileage riders.

A set of 25mm deep clinchers on Tune hubs with CX-Ray spokes will weigh approximately 1160g and will cost £1890.  A set of 42mm deep clinchers will weigh approximately 1330g and cost £1936.