The hubs

The Tune Mig70 and Mag170 are some of my favourite hubs of all time. The 17mm alloy axles are not just light but lovely and stiff. The hubs are well sealed and when they come into the UK they receive a specific weatherproofing treatment. The internal mechanism of the freehub body is made from two different alloys of titanium so that when they pass over one another they cause no damage. The system is very light. They use very high quality bearings and the hubs are generally suitable for riders up to about 100kg. Some heavier riders can go on them, but generally I always think sub 90kg is the real sweet spot for them.

The hubs themselves are not cheap, however I really do believe that they are worth the money if you can afford them. A lot of work goes into making them, not just machining but forging as well. They are made to very tight tolerances and this is what allows the hubs to be light and stiff and strong and durable. It is a combination that all hub manufacturers aspire to but few achieve it to this extent.

The hubs themselves come in a lot of different flavours, the full range is beyond the scope of this facility, however I do stock some as standard. Other options need to be special ordered and you will need to contact me for them.

The Build

All of these builds use Sapim CX-Ray spokes as standard. They are also black as standard and come with black alloy nipples as standard. The rims all come with rim tape, delivery is included to a UK mainland address, it is a nextday service with FedEx but your wheels are built to order, so it will take approximately two weeks before they are dispatched. The hubs do not come with skewers.

The rims

There are a huge range of rims out there to choose from as well as different drillings. However this has been limited to 24:28 in all cases here.

Kinlin XR-270 – this is a classic rim and has been a popular choice for many different builds. It is light, stiff and strong, 27mm deep but narrow, unlikely a lot of modern rims. It is the most economical option here. You can expect the set weight to be approximately 1420g.

Pacenti SL23 – this is a very popular and modern rim. It is the same weight as the Kinlin but it is made from a standard 6061 alloy. It has a welded joint, it is tubeless friendly, it is 24mm wide and 26mm deep. It builds into very stiff wheels and is the most popular option of the rims listed here. The set weight will be again approximately 1420g.

Ryde Pulse Sprint – this is the latest rim in the lineup. It is lighter than the others by a margin. It is also the only version here to have an offset drilling which allows it take higher tensions overall and allows for a better balance of tensions on the rear. The rim itself is not welded but Ryde say this would not have been possible on this extrusion which is why it is a glued sleeve joint. The rim is not as stiff as the other two options and is more of a ‘hill climbing’ set. There is still a rider weight limit of 100kg on this though, as this is with all of these builds. The rim is tubeless friendly. The set weight will be approximately 1300g. In reality I have weighed these rims at less than their declared weight so it would be safe to assume a build could be less than 1300g.