Why choose DCR Wheels?_MG_2773
David C R Hunt distributes custom, hand-built bicycle wheels made to the highest standards, all of which come with a comprehensive warranty (see below). If you order a pair, you can trust your wheels will be built by a professional, experienced wheelbuilder (more details below). Please contact with any requests. If you want to find out more about the ordering process, please visit The Ordering Process/FAQs.

If you are looking to learn more about bicycle wheels you can start with the Wheelset suggestions and various other articles available to view for free on this site. There is more information that goes beyond the scope of these articles in an eBook – available to purchase through this site here. The information on this site can appear a little overwhelming, I want to keep the access to it open to all, to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. However, if you want more personalised advice and you do not fancy trawling through this site, please get in touch and I can offer tailored suggestions for your needs.

Why hand build wheels?
Hand built wheels are made fit for purpose. They are built to suit riding conditions, rider weight, climate and can retain compatibility with older components. They can also fit the aesthetics of the bicycle. A well built wheel will be stronger and more stable: no two wheel components are exactly the same, the components contain discrepancies. Each build needs to be different. A uniform build cannot provide the unique balance of tension required.  Building by hand also allows for each component to be handled and assessed individually, adding another level to quality control. The range of wheels I sell provides; value for money, uncompromised performance and first class aftermarket care. I want my wheels to function for as long as possible, I view them as serviceable items rather than disposable items.

My GuaranteeDSC_0063
I offer a limited one year warranty on all completely new builds. However, in the past, any warranty work required on any wheelset has been undertaken free of charge – irrespective of age. Retrues are always free of charge. Wheels will be produced to at least within 0.1mm of trueness unless otherwise stated. That is equivalent to the average size of a grain of sand or the thickness of a human hair. If a spoke fails, it will be replace free of charge.  If you are going away on a big trip or if you are starting a new season and you want peace of mind; you can send your wheels to me to be checked, again, free of charge.  My warranty does not cover shipping costs or improper use.  In the instance of hub or rim failure this will be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee policy.

Every wheel is pre-stressed intensively using a five stage stressing process. If tensions drop, the wheel is re-tensioned and the stressing process is undertaken again. Each wheel will be delivered fully tensioned to within manufacturer’s specifications.  Tensions are checked using a fully calibrated Sapim tension meter. This has been supplied by Sapim and has been individually calibrated for the complete Sapim spoke range.  Two of these meters are carried in stock, alongside a calibrated DT Swiss meter as well (calibrated for both DT and Sapim spokes) so if one needs to be sent off for re-calibration there is a backup meter. There is no more accurate way to measure spoke tensions on Sapim spokes and the calibration of the meter is regularly monitored. Spoke tensions will be as even as possible but there must always be a compromise between trueness, roundness and evenness of tensions.  The P & K Lie Special 250 stand is used for all builds, allowing for dishing, trueness and roundness to be measured to within 25/1000 of 1mm.  Not all components allow for such high tolerances, however with every wheel the optimal balance of tensions, trueness and roundness is reached.

A gallery of the workshop will follow soon.  For more information about the P & K Lie truing stand (quite simply the best truing stand in the world) please visit http://www.pklie.de/index_eng.html

Standard price list:

Build (labour only) £30
Build with Sapim Leader spokes £45
Build with Sapim Race spokes £45
Build with Sapim Strong spokes £45
Build with Sapim Laser spokes £50 (£60 black)
Build with Sapim D-Light spokes £60 (black only)
Build with Sapim CX-Ray spokes £75-100 (£80-110 black)
Delivery UK – Parts and wheelsets are sent via FedEx, (UK Mainland Next working day) £8 for parts, £10 for wheelsets.
Delivery International Please contact

Other build options are available. Prices of components can be found in the products section of the site. Complete wheelsets start at around £140. Discounts are available for higher quantities.