Wheelset Suggestions

At DCR we are proud to offer one of the widest ranges of wheelsets anywhere. But where to start? Read this article for some suggestions.

Choosing Spokes

A bicycle wheel can only be as good as its parts. Ever wondered what the difference is between plain gauge, double butted or aero spokes? This article explains it all.

Which Rim?

We sell a lot of rims for a lot of functions. Often the choice is straightforward for a given purpose. But with such a large number available, where do you start? Find out more…

Aero Wheels

When it comes to choosing something aerodynamic, it is not necessarily just about choosing something that offers the lowest level of aerodynamic drag. It is also about its aerodynamic stability. Continue reading…

The Best Road Hubs In The World

When it comes to value, the best road hub option is generally something from our own brand of DCR components.   These hubs provide the best value for money and most, but not all, are based upon Bitex hubs. Continue reading…

Freehub body types – what is compatible with what?

The rear hub is the most common location for gears on a bicycle. Hubs which accommodate gears, may have gears internally, however more common is external gears. We explain all there is to know in this article…

Tyre Choice and Pressures

Tyre choice and pressure is too broad a subject to really do justice to. So you can more consider this an introduction to choosing tyres. Here are some important things to think about.

Road Tubeless – how does it work?

Going road tubeless overview   Why go tubeless on a road bike? A tubeless setup is a tyre fitted without an innertube. This technology in the road world is commonly perceived as a new thing, however it was already common on mountain bikes, and originates in the automotive industry. We take a look at how it works and its advantages here.

Axle interfaces and rotor type

With disc brakes everywhere, through axle type, rotor type, rotor size and rotor interfaces are becoming an increasingly major question. I would like to try and dispel a few myths here and also try and offer some clarity on the options and what is relevant where.  Continue reading…

How to clean your bike carefully

Dirty bikes don’t look good, they look poorly looked after and they don’t run well. Most people who ride DCR wheels are conscientious with their bikes and want to keep them in good running order. But how do I clean my bike without destroying my bearings? This article explains how.

Light Weight Road Disc Wheels

Road bikes with disc brakes are becoming increasingly popular. They are allowed in the peloton now, they do not wear out like rim brake wheels do, they offer consistent braking in wet and dry conditions, which is particularly relevant in the UK and on carbon fibre wheels, and there is no issue about heat build-up in the rims. Interested in knowing more? Click here.

Disc brakes on road bikes – a good idea?

Disc brakes on road bikes – a good idea? There are a lot of concerns about disc brakes on road bikes. So if you are considering a road disc frame or road disc wheels, I give my frank assessment of the situation as I see it here

Dynamo Hubs

Many people have asked me if I can still get hold of dynamo hubs. I reply, not only are they available but the technology is incredible now. People normally remember the Sturmey Archer 3 speed dyno-hubs and most shops see dynamos as relics of a by-gone era. Continue reading…

Alloy nipples – a good idea?

Quality nipples come in two major materials. Either brass or aluminium alloy. The argument for aluminium or brass nipples is so often fuelled by bad experiences with poor quality builds from factories, and yet we use aluminium nipples on the vast majority of our builds without problems. I’ll summarise the arguments for both here.

Building with a Rohloff hub

The full range of Rohloff hubs is avaiable to order. All prices are the RRP less 10% which makes DCR Wheels very competitive for Rohloff builds of all flavours. There is a lot of options to choose from, so make sure you get the right hub. Continue reading…

Touring Wheelset Guide

Thinking of going touring? Read David’s article about how your wheels need to support you – and what to avoid. Read it here.

Building with wooden rims

Wooden rims? Velocity make a deep V rim with a wooden image design. However, it is possible to buy rims that are entirely made of wood. Interested? Read about them here.


Here is a list of some of the most relevant wheel and part manufacturers and some details on them. Continue reading…

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got a question? Check out this section for our answers to your most common wheel queries. Click here.

Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER DCR Wheels takes all possible measures to ensure that items are dispatched according to their requested specification. The above invoice indicates the specification that will be provided.  If you have any concerns about that specification, please indicate them prior to making a part or full payment on the order. Continue reading…