Schmidt and Son range

DCR Wheels proudly offers the full Schmidt range. It is important to understand this range correctly. The Klassik is an old design, the 28 is the replacement for the Klassik. The Delux was originally designed for smaller wheels – it produces a lower output at lower speeds but it actually produces a higher output at high speeds. The 28 has a wide bracing angle than the Delux. The Delux is lighter. Both are as strong as each other but the 28 will building into strong wheels. The Delux offers lower drag at lower speeds than the 28

Son 28 or Delux in silver – £170
As above in black or silver anodised – £180
As above in red – £190
Son 28 tandem – £200
28 or Delux disc – from £200
28 with through axle – from £230

Schmidt dynamo hubs are arguably the best available to purchase today. Certainly if what you are looking for is longevity, they are tough to beat. They are generally rated at 40,000km between service intervals. The sealing on them is superb and the modern versions are competitive when it comes to weight and drag.

Schmidt lights can also be offered.

Shutter Precision range

The shutter precision range has arrived DCR Wheels. Some stock has come through. The following is now available:

PV8 – silver or black, 32h
PD8 – silver, 32h

All £90 each.

PD8X – £150 (through axle version)

The SP hubs are a good deal less than the Schmidt version which makes them very appealing. The flanges are thinner making them build into flexier wheels and the internals are less reliable, however they still offer a decent option for those looking for a dynamo setup.

The full range of B&M lighting and charging products are available to go with your dynamo wheelsets. The CYO IQ, Luxos U and USB-Werk are among the most interesting products in their range.