DT Swiss Aero Spoke Holder – £14

A product like this is absolutely essential if you are looking to build with or retrue any wheel which has CX-ray spokes. It holds the aero spoke steady while you apply your spoke key. This is our preferred tool in the DCR workshop which we use on every wheelset with CX-Rays. It pairs perfectly with the DT Swiss Nipple Wrench as the tools fit nicely together during use.

There is also a wider version of the same tool, for use with CX-Sprint spokes.




Sapim CX and CX-ray spoke holder – £14

This is Sapim’s alternative to the DT Swiss product. Although smaller it will work with a variety of gauges of aero spoke which means a cost saving for the home mechanic. This product will also work with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.



Sapim Nipple grip £26 – free delivery

Nipple gripping screwdriver to make life easier for any wheelbuilder.
– New design (no moving parts)
– Only to hold the nipple!
This item is particularly useful when it comes to lacing deep section rims and in particular very deep section carbon rims.


DT Swiss Nipple Wrench £19 – free delivery

This tool is our preferred spoke key at DCR. It’s a very strong, ergonomic design which fits on and off nipples very well. The nipple is held on all sides simultaneously offering excellent support, reducing the chance of damage. It has a high quality feel and is very comfortable to use.




Sapim Spoke Key £17 – free delivery.

This tool is a slightly looser fit than the spokey pro which makes it easier to pop on and off of the nipples. The whole key is made out of metal with a plastic coating – this makes it sturdier. As with the DT Swiss tool and the Spokey Pro, the nipple is held on all sides simultaneously which means that you are much less likely to damage the nipple.



Spokey Pro – £7

Professional standard spoke wrench in a classic design
Comfortable to use with its large round shape
Brightly coloured and easy to find in your tool box
Two alloy inserts grip the maximum surface area on all four sides of the nipples surface
Perfect for use with alloy and coloured nipples
Fits US and Euro spoke sizes (3.25 mm)



Sapim Tension Meter £299 (special order only – free delivery).

The tension meter developed by Sapim has the following advantages and features:
– The calibration is done for all Sapim AFM spokes, this ends guess work on reading tensions.
– Each tension meter is calibrated, which guarantees its accuracy a large measuring gauge, easy to read pre-adjustable marks: checking if tension is within (your) tolerances makes precision work much faster and more comfortable.
– There is a wide working range from 30 kg up to 200 kg.
– There is a metal stick for testing included; this allows you to check the present condition of the calibration .
– The meter is delivered in a hard case with foam inlay, the best storage to prevent damaging of this precision device.
– The device comes with a serial number, which makes life easy for tracing your calibration sheet of which Sapim keeps a copy as back up. The price is also competitive for a tool of such high quality.