Inner Tubes £6 (please specify size):

– Continental Race 28 (18-25c) 42mm valve
– Continental Race 28 (18-25c) 60mm valve
– Continental Tour 28 slim (28-37c) 42mm valve
– Continental MTB 26 (1.5-2.5) 42mm valve

Supersonic/light tubes
– Continental supersonic Race 28 (18-25c) 36mm valve (£10)
– MTB 26 light 1.75-2.5″ (£8)
– MTB supersonic 1.95-2.125″ (£10)

Tape (rim/tub)

– £4 – Continental Easy Tape, 16mm, suitable for use with inner tubes up to very high pressures
– £6 – Tufo tub tape for tubular rims, enough for one rim. Two widths, 19mm and 22mm.

Tyres (non tubeless – for inner tubes only)

Currently special order only. Please contact us for availability and pricing. Common special order items include:

Continental grand prix supersonic (20 and 23c)

From 140g (20c) a folding race day tyre, possibly the lightest on the market. Made with Continental’s black chilli compound this is a three ply, 330tpi tyre. If you add this tyre to a supersonic inner tube then you have a tyre and tube combination that is only 200g. However this tyre does not come with any featured puncture protection facilities.


Continental Grand Prix 4000 (23 and 25c)

A fast racing tyre. Significantly better puncture protection than the supersonic without compromising too much on weight (205g). Their longevity is better as well. This tyre is good for people who like to ride fast and largely do so in fair weather conditions. The puncture protective qualities in the tyre are made from Continental’s Vectran liquid crystal fibres. This is a far more practical tyre than the supersonic but is nevertheless fast. The high tpi (330) and black chilli compound allow for a long life, great grip and fast rolling.


Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Vectran (23, 25 and 28c)

An all seasons performance tyre. 220g makes this tyre heavier than the 4000 but it is more durable, more puncture protective and better at gripping throughout the year. Great if you are still looking to do some tough riding through the winter. It is available in more sizes as well. It is still folding, still light weight and still made out of Continental’s black chilli compound. The durability is particularly good because of Continental’s duraskin which has anti-tearing properties. This time it comes with a double vectran breaker for exceptional puncture protection.


Continental Gatorskin Hardshell folding (23 and 25c)

This version of the gatorskin is lighter than the standard hardshell because it is a folding version which also helps to improves the riding feel but it is still heavier than the others at 260g. Also, by being their hardshell version it comes with extra material as well as continental’s polyx breaker and anti-tear duraskin. This tyre was developed to try and offer racy performance but cope with commuter and all seasons conditions. It has a lower TPI count (180) than the other continental’s featured which slows the rolling down slightly but improves the puncture protective qualities.

Continental touring plus (28 and 32c)

A tough touring tyre with a wire bead an superb puncture protection. At 600g this is lighter than the marathon plus but still a heavy tyre. It is a three ply tyre with 66tpi. The emphasis on this tyre is durability and puncture protection.



Schwalbe Marathon Plus (25, 28, 32 and 35c)

Probably the toughest touring tyre ever made, the puncutre protective layer is almost entirely impenetrable. The marathon plus is thick, grippy, very puncture protective and can handle a high pressure (depending on size normally up to 100psi). However the 32c (standard touring width) version comes in at a whopping 800g per tyre.


Schwalbe Marathon Supreme (32 and 35c)

Schwalbe claim this to be the most advanced touring tyre ever made. Providing the best balance of puncture protection, low rolling resistance and weight saving. It is a folding tyre and the 32c version comes in at 375g. The Goal of Schwalbe with this was to produce a touring tyre that can do everything. It uses their HD Ceramic Guard, Triple Nano Compound and Liteskin side wall.

Other Parts/Tubulars
If you require any further parts they may also be available as special order items. Please contact for prices. If you are interested in tubulars, please see price list here.

There is a lot more information available about choosing wheelsets, building wheels and selecting component parts as well as information on repairing wheels in Bicycle Wheelbuilding: The Manual an ebook which is available to purchase exclusively here: