Ambrosio Excellence, 700c, clincher, black/silver, 32/36h, £53

Ambrosio say:

– Box section
– Welded joint
– Double eyeleted
– 460g
– Made in Italy

DCR says:

Ambrosio rims are some of the most popular listed on this site. They have a classic look and they perform well. This particular model has a 13mm internal measurement which is classically narrow, allowing for tyres from 18-28c comfortably. The profile tapers immediately above the machined sidewall making for a particularly narrow and classic looking section. The Excellence is the bigger sister to the Excellight. Designed for heavier riders, heavier duty usage and longer life. The performance will be less good as they are 60g heavier. There is an elegant feature around the valve hole which gives a nice classic feel to the rim.

Being a double eyeleted rim, the stress of the spoke can be exerted over both walls of aluminium which is inherently stronger. The eyelets are made from stainless steel to prevent rust. Being a box section rim this will offer a more comfortable ride and it is an inherently lighter profile. It also flexes more than an aero rim which accounts for its comfort but also makes it better suited to less powerful riders. Being light weight it will climb hills well and accelerate well too. As there is a welded joint the rim is able to be lighter, stronger and better balanced. If you are looking for something stronger and stiffer, you can go with the Ambrosio FCS28, if you are looking for something lighter you can go with the Excellight. If you are looking for something less expensive, consider the Ambrosio Evolution.

This rim is commonly accompanied by Royce hubs, for example the Ultra Light Front and Venus rear. Either Sapim Race, Laser or CX-Ray spokes and commonly SILS alloy nipples. Prices start at £526 for a set like this to provide a long lasting, quality, elegant and classic looking wheelset.

For a classic looking, economical alternative, you may want to consider using NovaTec hubs instead of Royce hubs. Prices start at £262/wheelset.