Velocity A23, 700c, 20/24/28/32/36h, black/silver/white. £47

Velocity say:

The idea behind a 23mm wide rim is that when paired with a 23c tyre, the internal width of the rim clinches the beads just right so that the tyre profile is very similar to that of a tubular rim. All ‘techno-jargon’ a side, it’s pretty much a “Clinchular” set-up. You get all the benifits of a tubular ( super smooth ride with low rolling resistance) with the convenience of a clincher.

– 426g
– Machined sidewall

DCR says:

Velocity are an excellent manufacturer of quality goods. This is perhaps one of their finest products. There is a big range of hole counts to suit riders needs and allows these rims to be coupled with many different types of hub. They are very light at 426g, especially considering their width.

The theory behind 23mm wide rims rather than 21mm wide rims is that they support 23c tyres better. Traditionally the advice was that if you had a rim as wide as this, 23c would be the minium tyre size to run on it. However, the market is moving towards wider rims. Measuring the external diameter of a rim is in some respects unhelpful, as the tyre is hooked on internally. Traditionally road rims were 13mm or 13.5mm internal. That allows from 18-28c comfortably. Internal measures of rims in relation to external measures vary depending on the profile of the rim and thickness of the sidewall. My best guess is that this runs a 16mm internal which is virtually touring width. However, this must not be mistaken for a touring rim. It is a road weight and road strength.

Running this rim with a 23c tyre is perhaps a little slim and unlikely to feel exactly like a tubular. However running this rim with a 25c tyre will make for a fast but particularly comfortable wheelset. The mid section profile of the rim also retains reasonable stiffness. If you wanted to run a more classic looking alternative, consider the H Plus Son TB14, the high polished versions look superb.