Novatec OE skewers £15 per pair
black or silver
These are a basic external cammed skewer with an aluminium lever, aluminium end piece and stainless steel shaft. It should be considered quite a basic skewer but it is good value.

Halo Retro Road Race skewers (no longer available from DCR Wheels)
silver only
Another good value skewer this time with an internal cam, which should offer a better clamping force and keeps the mechanism sealed from the elements. It is a classic design like certain traditional Campagnolo and Shimano skewers.

DCR titanium road skewers £29 per pair
Black only
These are a lightweight, external cam skewer with a titanium shaft and aluminium mechanism. They clamp well and weigh a humble 45g/pair. There is no branding on these skewers, they are plain black.

Campagnolo New Old Stock skewers  (no longer available from DCR Wheels)
silver only
An entry level Campagnolo skewer. They have plastic coated end caps and a steel shaft with an internally canned mechanism. The levers say Campagnolo on them. They are a basic but solid skewer and very good value.

VIA Titanium Quick Release skewers  (no longer available from DCR Wheels)
These are the first lightweight skewers in the lineup (42.5g per pair). They come with a titanium shaft and carbon/alloy lever. The aluminium components come in black, silver, blue, gold and red. The mechanism is an external cam.

Carbon Ti X Lock skewer £68 –  please enquire for remaining stock
black, gold, green, navy, polished, red, white
These are among my favourite skewers. Despite the name, they are made from a combination of titanium and aluminium. They weigh 39g per pair but given their weight and design they clamp up really nicely. The aluminium end pieces grip nicely, helping to ensure a firm contact. The titanium shaft is butted to help keep the weight down but means it is good and chunky at the end. The all titanium handle feels more solid than some other skewers. Carbon Ti are a rival brand to Tune so while these actually go nicely with Tune hubs, it may offend Tune to see you doing so!

Shimano Dura Ace skewers £81 per pair
Dura Ace grey
At 127g per pair, Shimano haven’t bothered to make these skewers particularly light. Their emphasis has been on an ergonomic lever and a strong clamping force. These skewers are quite a bit nicer than the rest in the Shimano range and I like them a lot. I find their price a bit unreasonable given the cost of the hubset that they come free with though.

Tune DC14 skewers £93 per pair (no longer available from DCR Wheels)
many colours
These are some of the most popular skewers that I sell, despite the price. The weight is obviously an appeal. They also match up with Tune hubs nicely but don’t come as standard. Despite their weight they are good and solid with a titanium shaft and carbon lever.

Atomic 22 skewers £124 (no longer available from DCR Wheels)
silver only
I really like these skewers although a lot of people are put off because it isn’t actually a quick release skewer, it is a security skewer. It really is the ultimate securty skewer though. They come in custom lengths and come with a very unusual tool. They are nice and light and offer a very good clamping force but without the tool you really won’t be able to remove the wheel. Your set will be registered so you will be able to re-order tools if required. The set comes with the tool for installation/removal.

Royce Talent skewers £144
silver only
These skewers come in custom lengths depending on what dropout thicknesses you have. They are eleganctly made and mimic traditional campag designed with a hand fettled ‘R’ as their lever. They are not light but are the most elegant compliment to a set of Royce hubs.

Tune U20 skewers £160 per pair (no longer available from DCR Wheels)
many colours
At 22g per pair the U20 is both the most expensive and the lightest set of skewers in the lineup. Their design is quite radical; it is a titanium-carbon hybrid shaft with very small aluminium end pieces and a carbon aluminium lever. The weight is impressive but having carbon fibre bonded into titanium does make me a little nervous. So far no reports of any coming apart though and if anyone can perfect this sort of radical technique, Tune can.